Parents As Teachers Home Visiting

Parents as Teacher Home Visiting

mom and infantGive your child an advantage when it’s time for them to start school!
The Parents as Teachers Home Visiting program is all about you, your child, and your family. We believe that parents are their child's first and most important teacher. Our focus in on discussing developmental milestones, identifying delays, and providing parents with knowledge and tools to support child development, and well-being. Our Family Support Specialists work with parents to enhance their child's intellectual, language, social, emotional, and physical development from birth to age 5.

Program Goals:

  • increase parent knowledge of their child’s appropriate development,
  • improve parenting skills,
  • provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues,
  • prevent child abuse and neglect, and
  • increase children's school readiness and school success.
Home Visiting Service Components:

As a participating family, you receive all four components of our services:

  • Personal visits from a parent educator
  • Participation in early learning group activities
  • Network of community resources
  • Child health and development screenings

How to start Home Visiting services? 

Referrals can be made on behalf of a family or as a self-referral. You can complete a referral form by emailing our Family Support Specialist at or by calling 810-404-4743. Once we receive the referral, our Family Support Specialist will contact the family and discuss the program. Families will either be assigned a to a Family Support Specialist to begin Home Visiting services, or will be added to a waitlist. Families added to the waitlist will receive information about Great Start and Parents As Teachers programs and services, including Great Start Playgroups, Family Coalition meetings, and other community events. 

parents as teachers - early learning group connections: Great start playgroups
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Families can participate in free playgroups offered monthly with our Great Start Partners throughout the county. These groups give parents the opportunity to learn and share information on parenting issues and child development. Parents learn from and support each other, observe their children with other children, practice parenting skills, and enjoy fun activities together with other children. Groups focus on music and movement, literacy, art, and child development.
Please see the flyer here for 2024 playgroup information or visit our Facebook Page at Great Start Collaborative Sanilac.

parents as teachers logoFor more information on Parents as Teachers Home Visiting, contact:
Dee Stone
Cell 810-404-4743