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Furthermore, due to the departments engagement with the local, state and federal COVID19 response activities, Environmental Health Services may not be able to process you permit request with in a respectable timeframe. If our response responsibilities/activities continue to ramp upward field inspections will be determined based on priority, such as failing systems first before new construction. The department’s field services may even stop if necessary to fulfill the other needs of our community’s response.

Please referred to our Web Site: updates.

We highly recommend you submit all your permit applications via email or our Web Site at EH@Sanilachealth.comto assist us in limiting the number of individuals visiting our offices. Currently the Health Department is seeing clients by appointment only and those with appointments must be health screened before entering the premises.

We will do our best to keep you up-to-date on this situation, however, please keep in mind the COVID19 Pandemic Emergency Response is a very fluid situation.

Thank you for your patience during this State of Emergency.

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