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Every Michigander deserves safe, clean drinking water. To protect its residents, Michigan has adopted the strictest Lead and Copper Rule in the nation. This rule strengthens our ability to detect lead in drinking water and will help protect your family’s health.  

Michigan is committed to protecting the public from lead exposure by working together with families and local communities to reduce or eliminate all sources of lead in the home. When lead is swallowed, it can cause health problems, especially in children. By creating the strongest drinking water lead testing and service line removal rules in the country, Michigan is on track to reduce and get rid of lead drinking water pipes.

While lead in drinking water is concerning, lead can also come from other sources. Exposure to lead-based paint chips and dust, as well as soil with higher levels of lead, are most often to blame when it comes to having elevated levels of lead in the body. In addition to community testing results, this website will help you identify other possible sources of lead in your home and ways to remove it.

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In honor of National Infant Immunization Week the Sanilac County Health Department will be offering free Flu vaccines for the remainder of the 2018/2019 Influenza Season! Call us today to schedule your appointment! 810-648-4098

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